Our Vision

At Projectia we are about connecting people to collaborate and share their projects. By posting a project on Projectia you are able to encapsulate the entire project lifecycle and encourage collaboration through new networks of like minded people. Through Projectia you can leverage your social networks and crowd source, linking passionate people with similar project interests. At Projectia we provide a forum that enables the power of people to dream. share. create.


Our Site

You don’t have to have a project to be active on our site. Projectia allows you to not only post a project but also provides you a place to share and connect with projects you may be interested in. One of the most exciting benefits of being involved in a project community is the ability to exchange ideas and build the community knowledge through sharing on the Project Feed. When the time comes that you decide you would like to conduct your own project, being active in other projects will enable you to build your project community faster. The ‘power of the crowd’ ensures that the more collaborators you have in your project the more ideas you will have.  This site provides you the platform you need to share and collaborate on your project.


Our Communities

Each project on the site we consider to be it’s own project community encompassing followers, collaborators and sponsors. 

Followers are other members of our site that find your project interesting and would like to save a link to their profile to find your project quicker. Followers can view your Project Blog and Project Feed but cannot communicate to you or your fellow collaborators. Following projects is a great way to keep track of those projects you have a passing interest in. 

Collaborators are fellow members that have requested to collaborate on your project, all Collaborators must be approved by the project owner. Thus you control who is in your project community. Collaborators can view your Project Blog and post topics and comment in discussions on the Project Feed. Collaborating on projects is a great way to become active in projects you are interested in through sharing knowledge and ideas related to the project. 

Sponsors are a unique feature of the Projectia site. Project Sponsors are companies that have the same rights as a Collaborators however, the company becomes associated with the project once you approve their sponsorship by having their company logo on the Project Following page. Companies can be collaborators without sponsoring the project. The conditions that enable you to approve a project Sponsor are entirely up to you as the project owner. The purpose of this is to provide an opportunity for companies to communicate to project owners with ideas, advice and knowledge from their expertise whilst having the opportunity to receive compensation for the advice through advertising on the project. The arrangement for approving the project sponsorship is between you and the company and is only limited by your imagination, so be creative.


Leveraging the 'Power of the Crowd'

The real power of communicating with a large collaborator group can only come through having a large collaborator group. When starting any new project you must build your networks to build your project community. A great way to do this is to start within your own networks of family, friends, social networks to share your new project on Projectia. Once you have some communication and activity through your Project Feed you may want to start to branch out and find other like minded project owners and collaborators to add to your community. There are several places you can source these from, the easiest being through connecting with other projects on Projectia. However, you should not limit yourself and we greatly encourage you to expand your project networks through other sources of knowledgable people from forums, blogs and other specialist interest networks related to your project. As you build diversity in your project community you will build the diversity in the ideas for your projects discussion. However, in the end this is your project community and you should develop it to achieve whatever outcome you desire, from sharing with a close network of friends to making new connections all over the world, it’s up to you.

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