Climb-it for the Climate

Project Overview

In September 2013, I’ll join a team of twenty young people hiking to Everest Base Camp to see climate impacts first hand and to work on a local adaptation project. The Everest expedition will raise funds for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the Himalayan Climate Initiative.

Project Definition

The funds we raise for the expedition will help the Australian Youth Climate Coalition to train thousands of young people to become leaders and positive change makers. They’ll also help the Himalayan Climate Initiative in Nepal to implement projects over the next few years. 


While in Nepal, our team will work together with other young people from the Himalayan Climate Initiative on a project called 'Hamri Bahini' - meaning 'Green Angels' - a green social enterprise project which teaches young rural women the skills needed to sustain their own green businesses.

Project Goals

Through capacity building and gradual handover, the Hamri Bahini project will create a self-sustained cooperative over three years, creating over 200 new jobs for young women in Nepal.


Over $100,000 will be raised for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the Himalayan Climate Initiative in partnership.


If you would like to support this project, you can make a secure online donation by clicking the link below or entering it into you browser. Your donation is tax deductible!

Your generosity will help us make a real difference on the ground in Nepal and give young Australians the education and training they need to make their voices heard on climate change!


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