Timber Spice Rack

Project Overview

I wanted to create a spice rack made out of local timber with minimal material, time and effort. I wanted to keep the natural grain and look of the timber when it is split by an axe.

Project Definition

The project idea came about when I was sitting around the fire pit outside one night and feeding the fire with some logs that I had just split. I caught a glimpse of the grain that was exposed because of the axe cuts and thought that our house could use a spice natural wood spice rack.


Project Goals

To create a simple and effective spice rack for the house.

Project Schedule

I had about 5 days to start and complete this project as I was flying out to the Northern Territory and would not be back for a long time. My work schedule was dictated upon small pockets of time, in the morning and evenings, while running a Gap Year Program. It consisted of 1-2hours per work session.

Timber Spice Rack

I did not varnish or coat the spice rack in a sealant partly because I didn't have the time or product and partly because I like the look of the natural wood, untouched. I did however use a jack plane to level out and smooth over the top and bottoms of the three 'levels' that the spices sit on. 

In the end I was very pleased with how the rack turned out in terms of functionality and stability given that the wood was not cut to length and simply chosen out of a pile and split by hand with an axe. For the major structural elments to the rack I used 6x screws (pre drilled) and for the smaller railings etc I used a PVC wood glue and a bit of super glue.

The spice rack stands relatively stable and holds roughly 20 spices. If anybody has any recommendations for a better design or improvements that could be made (ie. coating the rack with a varnish or sealant to prevent being eaten by insects or splitting over time) then please feel free to share. 

Fun little project and I had a good time making it!

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