What is Projectia

1. Projectia, an Overview?
At Projectia we are all about “Sharing Dreams to Create Reality.” Projectia is an innovative way for like minded people to launch and discover new projects. Projectia provides a place for communication and understanding for the projects that matter to you. Our website allows fellow collaborators, companies and others who may be interested in your project to discover and follow your journey. As greater numbers of people discover and become involved in your project the possibilities are endless, never underestimate the ‘power of the crowd.’

2. Who can join Projectia, how much does it cost?
Anybody can join Projectia and post their very own project for free. At Projectia we are focussed on a wide range of project categories, including Art, Charity, Development, Food, Hobbies, Home Improvement, Research, Technology and Transport. We are a great place for anybody starting a new adventure to share and connect with like minded souls.

For more information about what projects can be posted to Projectia please visit our Project Guidelines.

3. Who can post a project to Projectia?
Anybody can post a project to Projectia all you have to do is log in and share your dream.

4. Who can follow, collaborate and sponsor my project?

Anybody who signs into Projectia can follow any project, this will allow them to view your project overview and project blog (timeline) to watch your journey unfold.

To become a registered collaborator a person or company must request to be a project collaborator. Once approved by the project owner the Collaborator can communicate via the project feed and private email through the website.

Only registered companies can be project sponsors. In addition to the rights of a collaborator a sponsoring company can request to be a sponsor of the project, which includes their company logo and link to the company profile. Project Owners must ensure they are receiving what they consider to be ample compensation to enable a project sponsorship, this could be through the supply of goods, services or funds. However, this is a deal between the company and project owner, Projectia has NO involvement other than providing a forum for the connection to be made.

5. Does Projectia have any claim to a projects intellectual property?
Certainly not, Projectia holds no responsibility or ownership for intellectual property posted in a Projectia Project.

Starting a Project

1. How do I start a project?
It’s easy, once you have completed your basic profile, click the Add Project button in your profile’s projects page, enter the basic required information field and you’re on your way.

2. Does Projectia screen Projects?
Not for initial entry, however we reserve the right to cancel Projectia projects should they not adhere to our terms and conditions.

3. Who is responsible for the projects?
Project owners are entirely responsible for the projects.

4. Does Projectia review the projects?
Projectia randomly audits the projects on the website to ensure people are adhering to the project guidelines.

Account Settings

1. How can I change my profile name?
Make sure you’re logged in to projectia and go to profile settings.

2. How can I change the email address associated with my account?
Make sure you’re logged in to Projectia and go to profile settings.

3. I forgot my password, how do I log in?
You can request a password reset on the login page.

4. How can I log in using my Social Media account?
You can sign in with Social Media using Facebook Connect login buttons on the login page.

5. Do you recommend connecting with Social Media?
Absolutely! It’s an easy way for those in your networks to keep up to date with your projects. Additionally the more people you have involved in your project the more chances you have of a success, remember the ‘power of the crowd’. So promoting your project through sharing on your social networks to have like minded people follow is greatly encouraged.

Company Information

1. What are Company Pages?
Company pages are for organisations to register with Projectia. By registering, an organisation can post, follow, collaborate and sponsor other projects using their company name.

2. Why would I register my company?
Registering a company provides great opportunity for you to directly market to projects in your field. Additionally its a good way to advertise?

3. Are there fee’s associated with registered companies?
Yes, there is a $50 AUD annual fee for a company to register. Additionally there is a discount for longer term commitment.

4. How can my organisation sign up for a Company Page?
Simply sign up as a user then activate the company button on the registration page.

Being a Good Project Manager

Project Overview

Whether it’s a research project, piece of hardware, car restoration or construction the one thing they all have in common is that they are a project. One that has defined goals and a finite timeline. Defining your project is a key element to get others interested and collaborating. Think of it as an elevator pitch, something you should be able to describe to another person in the time it takes to ride an elevator. Having a good project overview by outlining exactly what it is you are seeking to achieve will aid followers and fellow collaborators in understanding your project and allowing them to become engaged. The more engaged your fellow collaborators are the more they will be willing to help.

Project Goals

Defining your project goal will also allow others to see were your project starts and finishes and just how far along you are, the scope of the project. Irrespective of how realistic your project goals are, having one outlined clearly will allow others to collaborate and in some cases aid you in reassessing your own project expectations.

Project Schedule

Defining your Project Schedule is a key part of letting your followers and potential collaborators know how fast or slow you intend to conduct your project. The faster you want to progress your project the more urgent you will be for collaborators. However, be realistic, invariably projects take longer than we first estimate and don’t be afraid to adjust your schedule at a later date to reflect the actual project pace.

Project Definition

Defining your project is a key part of managing it. When defining your project you should encompass the following information: How difficult is the project? How well is it known? Have similar tasks been accomplished before? How complex is the project for you? What skills are required to complete the project and do you have these skills or do you require external assistance? This section should conceptualize your project. Providing a good conceptual understanding enables followers to understand your project better and whether they can provide advice or assistance and become collaborators. This is not a critical component when you first start your project but something that should be developed as you progress.

Promoting Your Project

Promoting your project can be a key to gaining more collaborators. Remember the key to Projectia is ‘the power of the crowd’ thus the more followers and collaborators you have the more chance you have for success. Through promoting your project you can increase your network of those who are passionate about the same things as you, but to find them you have to get it out there. One of the best ways to promote your project is to collaborate on other project pages. Especially those related to the collaborators you are seeking. By getting involved on those ‘like projects’ you will find that you will grow your network much faster than posting a standalone project. You will be surprised at just how quick a network of like minded people can grow if you get involved yourself. Also don’t be afraid to share your project to your social media accounts. As you update your project those in your network will be alerted to your progress, activity from yourself will breed activity from others. You will get out of it what you put in, don’t be afraid to share your journey and celebrate your success.

Adding Your Own Description Information

As part of the project description you are able the enter your own description to help followers and collaborators understand your project better. This section should be used to add any additional information that may be relevant to your project not covered in the standard sections we provide above. You should take your time to understand what it is you want to convey to other potential collaborators that will entice them to join your project community. Additionally if there are other aspects of your project that you would like to connect to the site this is where we encourage you to do so, some aspects of this could be links to social media pages, websites, donation sites etc.

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