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First Drone

First Drone

by Jerry S. (hobbies - Other - Drones - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia),

This is my first time building a Quadcopter drone, the kit will be an 3DR Robotics frame.

Star Gazing

Star Gazing

by Rebecca Lourey. (hobbies - Other - Telescope - Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia),

I have been given a telescope and would love to know all the features!

paper mobile of schooling fish

paper mobile of schooling fish

by rachey-j. (hobbies - Other - paper mobile - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia),

the creation of a paper fish mobile

Craft Room

Craft Room

by Bob Beekhof. (hobbies - Other - Building - Port Fairy, Victoria, AustraliaPort),

Building a craft room to help my wife clean up her current inadequate sewing room.

Aquarium Overload

Aquarium Overload

by Jolene Bailey. (hobbies - Other - Aquarium - Terang, Victoria, Australia),

my fish tank

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