Cubby Nut

Project Overview

The project was to explore bamboo design and build an original cubby for a two year old in a space constrained back garden. To achieve this, the cubby is somewhat a treehouse with no tree, suspended from the ground without taking much space out of the small garden below. And be original

Project Definition

To design a cubby without design or plan, just a rough idea and a lot of creativity. To learn about the use of bamboo in construction, learn to work with the length of the fibre rather than to cut across it - although that of course is also required. 

To learn about structural shell architecture, on the super-small scale.

Project Goals

Another step in fullfilling my aims in creative design and construction using natural materials. This is also a test project for sussing out a market for custom, naturally made cubbies - as competition for the multi coloured plastic variety.

Project Schedule

dictated by two youngsters, progress is unhealthily slow.  Hopefully it will be up and running by summer time for some fun.

Cubby Nut

formfinding (through laziness) bamboo shell "cubbi-tecture"

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