Banjo Transport Case

Project Overview

Build a Banjo Transport Case for under $100

Project Definition

After purchasing my new Banjo last Wednesday May 14th I found the need to have a transport case to get my new instrument safely from A to B. Instead of forking out another $100 for a new case I thought it would be nice to design and build a sturdy but relatively lightweight transport case for myself. The end result should be cheaper and have more character while still supportive and sturdy.

Project Goals

To develop my skills in small-scale structural design

To develop skills building with plywood and aluminium


Project Schedule

Thursday 15th May - Phase 1

Brainstorm & Design

Phase 2

Buy materials (marine grade plywood & aluminium strips 20mm x 3m) --> Cut wood and aluminium to desired lengths --> Drill rivet holes for attachment points --> Assemble aluminium framework (skeleton) --> Prep materials for assemblage and glueing

Phase 3

Finished prep work for assemblage --> Using construction adhesive, attach aluminium framework onto the base and the lid of the case --> Let glue set overnight

Phase 4

Finish assembling the case by conforming the sidepanels (made of plywood) around the outside of the case (same for lid and base) --> Glue and clamp into place --> Let glue dry overnight

Phase 5

Remove clamps --> Varnish wood in order to bring out the color and natural grain as well as providing a sealant of sorts --> Form a thin aluminium (or suitable material) strip along the connecting points of the plywood in order to project the edges from wearing away and glue into place --> Let varnish and glue dry overnight.

Phase 6

Assemble lid and base of the case together using 3x hinges ont he back of the box --> use 4x latches to the front of the case in order to close it securely --> Attach protected piece to the lip of the cases to prevent from erosion.

Phase 7

Form fit styrofoam to the shape of the Banjo where it will sit inthe case and cover and attach with construction glue a large piece of velvet/carpet/ fur for asthetics --> Let glue dry overnight

Phase 8

Make adjusts where applicable --> Begin using! :D

Banjo Transport Case

Sturdy, lightweight Banjo transport case made out of Plywood & Aluminium fo less than $100

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