New Projects

Banjo Transport Case

by Christopher Tuohy. (music - Carry Case - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Build a Banjo Transport Case for under $100

Climb-it for the Climate

by Maxwell James Smith. (charity - Fundraising, capacity building and development - Mount Everest, Nepal)

In September 2013, I’ll join a team of twenty young people hiking to Everest Base Camp to see climate impacts first hand and to work on a local adaptation project. The Everest expedition will raise funds for the Australian Youth Climate Coali...

Cubby Nut

by chris. (landscaping - Cubbies - Melbourne)

The project was to explore bamboo design and build an original cubby for a two year old in a space constrained back garden. To achieve this, the cubby is somewhat a treehouse with no tree, suspended from the ground without taking much space o...

Cyber Smart School

by Rebecca Lourey. (education - ICT - Woodford Primary School)

Trying to make a cyber safe school and community

paper mobile of schooling fish

by rachey-j. (hobbies - paper mobile - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

the creation of a paper fish mobile

Tableau Wooden

by chris. (design - furniture - Melbs)

Recycled table made at home using conventional tools, with the intention of creating a quality contemporary design using recylced timber.

by Tim Morris. (technology - Stock market/Finance - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)

We are developing the best suite of tools for stock market investors, for a project which will go global. Tenbagsfull offers a stock research, forums and the opportunity to own your own piece of the site by creating a public or private group.

Timber Spice Rack

by Christopher Tuohy. (food - Spice Rack - Peachester, Queensland, Australia)

I wanted to create a spice rack made out of local timber with minimal material, time and effort. I wanted to keep the natural grain and look of the timber when it is split by an axe.

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