Cubby Nut

Cubby Nut

chris. (landscaping - Cubbies - Melbourne)

The project was to explore bamboo design and build an original cubby for a two year old in a space constrained back garden. To achieve this, the cubby is somewhat a treehouse with no tree, suspended from the ground without taking much space o...

paper mobile of schooling fish

paper mobile of schooling fish

rachey-j. (hobbies - paper mobile - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

the creation of a paper fish mobile

PV roof temperature study

PV roof temperature study

chris. (research - energy efficiency - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

This project investigates the benefit of a light, reflective roof surface on the output of a photovoltaic (PV) panel. PV panels typically reduce output by 0.5% per degree over 25. Dark roof surfaces often exceed 80 degrees

Rascal Runabout

Rascal Runabout

Brian Jordan. (hobbies - Boatbuilding - New Plymouth, New Zealand)

To build a Ken Basset design "Rascal" runabout.

Knitting Patterns Book

Knitting Patterns Book

Kate Jordan. (publishing - Book Publishing - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

To write, collate, and publish a book of knitting patterns

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